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Earth and Fire - Juan Luis Madrigal

Musical work in two movements for orchestra and electroacoustics.

Composition - Juan Luis Madrigal

Earth and Fire - Juan Luis Madrigal

Earth and Fire is a musical work divided into two contrasting movements that try to evoke in the listener the sensations and emotions produced by the elements earth and fire, respectively:

I. Earth. Lento molto espressivo 0:10

II. Fire. Allegro con fuoco 3:45

Electroacoustics, based on digitally processed and modified sounds of Tibetan bells and timpani, tries to generate an enveloping effect that enhances and supports orchestral music, which, in turn, is based on fragments of the last two movements of the work Music of the Elements, by the same composer, awarded with one of the Grants for the Creation and Development of Performing, Musical and Cinematographic Arts of the year 2017 of the Community of Madrid in the category of musical composition.

This orchestral work Music of the Elements (2017) is divided into four movements, dedicated, respectively, to the four different elements that, according to various Eastern and Western traditions of ancient thought, were believed to constitute the basis of all matter. According to the modern scientific conception, the four elements would refer, more exactly, to the four possible states of matter: air to the gaseous state, water to the liquid state, earth to the solid state, and fire to the plasma.


    Juan Luis Madrigal (2017-2018)



    Sebastian Mariné


    Classical Orchestra of the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid

    Juan Luis Madrigal, electroacoustics

Recording of the premiere, on 1st March 2018 at the Manuel de Falla auditorium of the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid.

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