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Sirens - Juan Luis Madrigal

Musical work for harp, two guitars and electroacoustics composed by Juan Luis Madrigal.

Sirens - Juan Luis Madrigal

Sirens are fabulous creatures belonging to folklore and legends whose charms lead to delight or to a fatal fate, depending on the specific story and the time and place considered. Such creatures have often been characterized in the collective imagination as having a deeply attractive and hypnotic musical voice, capable of engaging those who listen to them.


This piece seeks to create an evocative, mysterious, hypnotic, unreal, mythical musical environment, like the one that could surround the mermaids and sirens of legends.

    Juan Luis Madrigal (2016-2017)

    Noelia Vidrier Samblás, harp

    Idioia Aparicio Elizalde, guitar I

    Jesús Navarro Peletay, guitar II

    Zulema de la Cruz, electroacoustics

Recording of the premiere, on 9th June 2017, at the concert held at the Manuel de Falla auditorium of the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid.

Composition - Juan Luis Madrigal
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