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The dance of the princesses - Juan Luis Madrigal

Musical work for string orchestra composed by Juan Luis Madrigal.

Composition - Juan Luis Madrigal

The dance of the princesses - Juan Luis Madrigal


This musical work is a waltz for a string orchestra in the form of variations on a theme that transforms and modulates in a cycle that could continue ad infinitum, evoking the dances of a tale by the Brothers Grimm.

In this narrative, a king had twelve beautiful daughters who, behind his back, spent every night dancing; so that every morning the shoes of the princesses, who had supposedly spent the night sleeping in lockdown, were mysteriously worn, much to the surprise of the king.

Hopefully may this work lighten the spirits and enliven the imagination of an audience not oblivious to the restrictions on mobility caused by the pandemic.


    Orquestra de Cambra Catalana (Catalan Chamber Orchestra)


    Joan Pàmies


    Juan Luis Madrigal

Audiovisual production:

    Juan Vicente Chuliá

Recording of the absolute premiere, in the Concert of the Orquestra de Cambra Catalana held on November 21, 2021 at the CentroCentro Auditorium of the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid, as part of the COMA'21 contemporary music festival organized by the Madrid Association of Composers (AMCC).

The composer expresses his sincere gratitude to all the people who have participated in making this recording possible, including all the interpreters of the Orquestra de Cambra Catalana and its conductor, Joan Pàmies, to whom he dedicates this piece and, likewise, his thanks to Sebastián Mariné, president of AMCC, organizer of the concert, and to Juan Vicente Chuliá, manager of AMCC and cinematographic director, who has collaborated in the recordings and has carried out the audiovisual production of this video.

In May 2022, this work was awarded an Incentive for the Creation of the SGAE Foundation among the compositions premiered in 2021, with the jury made up of Juan José Solana Gutierrez (president of the SGAE Foundation) and the external members Miquel Oliu, Jesús Rueda (composers), Lucía Marín and Mercedes Padilla (conductors). The composer sincerely thanks the jury for the recognition received with this award and, additionally, thanks the SGAE Foundation for the corresponding financial aid, as well as for the improvements introduced in recent years in said entity to guarantee greater transparency and quality levels in the selection process of the award-winning works.

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