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Searching Shambhala - Juan Luis Madrigal

Musical work for symphonic band and electroacoustics.

Composition - Juan Luis Madrigal

Searching Shambhala - Juan Luis Madrigal


Shambhala is, according to various Eastern religious traditions, a mythical kingdom that lies hidden in some far and remote place beyond the snow-capped Himalayan mountains. According to a certain Buddhist tradition, it is said that when the world enters an era of war and evil, and all is almost lost, the King of Shambhala will leave his secret city with a great army to eliminate and repel evil and start a new era. of purity.


The musical work with an orientalizing air for band and electroacoustic Searching Shambhala musically represents the search, whether metaphorical or physical, for that kingdom of purity, passing, however, through that tense struggle to eliminate evil, but finally ending with the arrival in that place sought and a new era of hope and peace.


    Juan Luis Madrigal (2017-2018)



    Miguel Angel Serrano


    Symphonic Band of the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid

    Juan Luis Madrigal, electroacoustics

Recording of the premiere, on 6th March 2018, at the Tomás Luis de Victoria auditorium of the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid.

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