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Irisation - Juan Luis Madrigal

Mixed electroacoustic musical work composed by Juan Luis Madrigal for violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano and electroacoustics.

Irisation - Juan Luis Madrigal


Similar to iridescence as an optical phenomenon, which consists of a body presenting stripes or reflections of light with different colors, as occurs in the rainbow and sometimes in clouds, as well as in the multi-colored reflections of certain crystals and precious stones, this work tries to create a musical color play with the use of different instrumental techniques combined with electroacoustics from a musical sequence that is repeated, but each time it is colored in a different way.

    Juan Luis Madrigal (2017-2018)


    Rosa María Alonso Pipa, violin

    Eduardo Lucena Cabrera, viola

    Ainhoa ​​Castello Amoros, cello

    Pablo Rincón, double bass

    Álvaro Fernández Algobia, piano

    Juan Luis Madrigal, electroacoustics


    Alonso Monreal


Recording of the premiere, on 6th June 2018, at the concert held at Auditorium 400 of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid.

Composition - Juan Luis Madrigal
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