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White Moon (Luna Blanca) - Juan Luis Madrigal

Musical work for soprano and piano (or harp) composed by Juan Luis Madrigal.

Composition - Juan Luis Madrigal

White Moon (Luna Blanca) - Juan Luis Madrigal

This evocative, intimate song with a certain orientalizing character, dedicated in a poetic way to the night, to love and to dreams, presents a musical motif in the vocal and instrumental parts at the beginning of the piece that, later, develops and intensifies throughout the work and finally fades smoothly.

Composition (lyrics and music):  
    Juan Luis Madrigal (2018)

    Fuensanta Morcillo Zafra, soprano

    Albert Nieto, piano

Recording of the absolute premiere of the work, which was in its version for soprano and piano, at the concert held on 13th December 2018 at the Longoria Palace in Madrid, within the COMA'18 Contemporary Music Festival organized by the Madrid Association of Composers (AMCC).

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